Does this ring any bells?? 🙂

Welcome to EngineerMyLove! This is your portal for dating advice, specifically for those of you with engineering and science minds. Many of us have become so focused on our careers and our passions that we missed out on learning those crucial relationship skills (that means you, techie!). Whether you lack experience or exposure, or you’ve never had real feedback on your dating skills, you’ve come to the right place.

EngineerMyLove offers 1-on-1 online coaching to bring you up to speed and help you land the girl of your dreams. Head over to the Services page to learn more. You may need coaching if:

  • You’re not sure how to ask out that girl you’ve been lusting after
  • You’re nervous about what to say when the ‘awkward silence’ hits over dinner
  • You just broke up and need a female’s point of view on what the heck happened?!?! (I’m a great listener)
  • You’ve never given a thought to what your body language might be saying
  • You can get girls, but not the right girl for you

I specialize in helping men with their love issues, whether it be gathering up the courage to talk to your dream girl or scoring that second date once you’ve got her. I provide insight into the mysterious female mind.

Check out the Services page to learn more and sign-up for coaching.

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Good luck!!