Pre-Date Checklist

17 Aug

Ok, men! You’re about to walk out that door to go meet your date. Here’s a quick and dirty pre-date checklist for you. Some of these may seem obvious, but trust me, you’d be surprised how many guys show up without cash and we are stuck waiting at the bar for the card to be run through. These items should become second nature to you, much like a pilot’s checklist.

[ ] Groom and Shave

Do you ever wonder why you see those multi-purpose trimmers near the check-out lanes? It’s because you need them. If you don’t already own one, pick up a nose hair trimmer. Do a double check before your date. We notice everything and you don’t want to look unkempt. Nose hair, ear hair, and back of the neck hair gross us out. Most guys have it, but the good ones keep it under wraps!

Along the same line, make sure you are clean-shaven when you pick up your date. It shows you took the time and you want your face to be smooth (you never know if you will be kissing later!).

[ ] Check your Breath

The best way to check your breath is not to blow in your hands, but to lick the back of your hand and smell. This will give you most accurate representation. Always brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash before a date. Nothing kills the mood like bad breath. Not a bad idea to bring some gum/mints along as well.

[ ] Deodorant

You stink! And you’re going to be sweating, so be conscious of your body odor. I personally love the smell of Axe and Gillette antiperspirants, but anything is fine. Just make sure you put it on.

[ ] Cash and quarters in the car

Do you have cash on hand? If not, you better stop at the ATM before you meet her. Cash will give you the upper-hand, in a James Bond sort of way. Having cash ready tells us you put in effort and were prepared for the date. It also means we don’t have to wait around for you to get your card back and sign. Carrying cash makes us feel like you make big money, as well. If you know you will be street-parking, you better have quarters ready in the car. Do NOT ask her to shuffle around in her purse for change! You are treating her, remember?

[ ] Clothes and Shoes

Look for a separate article dedicated entirely to this topic. In short, make sure you match and look nice. Also, make sure your shoes aren’t all scuffed up. We notice, and we want to be with a classy guy. So bring the class.

There you have it. Hit the checks and reel her in!! Good luck, boys!


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