Easy, Effective Pickup Line that Works

23 Aug

So you’re at an event, see a hottie-patottie standing next to you, and you suddenly get a little choked up inside. Did someone just turn up the heat? God I hope I remembered to put on deodorant.

Now she makes eye contact, so timing is of the essence. What do you say?

Time to memorize the easiest, most casual conversation starter in the world:

“So, what are you drinking?”

I'm a hottie, watcha gonna say???

Why it works

Assuming she’s not drinking water (do check!) it’s an easy way for you to show interest in her. It’s not too forthcoming and you don’t have to feel like a creep. Once she answers, it opens up the door for you to have a casual conversation back and forth.

*Bonus Points*

Make sure you actually listen to her response! Chances are you will be buying her a drink later that night and it would be embarrassing to have to ask her again.

So, what are YOU drinkin??? Bottoms up!


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