In Heat

28 Sep

This is your friendly neighborhood reminder to make sure you are paying attention to a subtle yet important item: the temperature of the room. You want to get her naked, do ya? Pay attention!

In my non-internet life I dabble in photography. One time I was at a photo studio and the owner said something that will always stick with me. He looked at the models in their strapless mini-dresses and then turned to me and said, “The models control the temperature.” It makes sense, of course, but it didn’t cross my mind as something to always think about, to make sure they are comfortable.

Well, what applies in life applies to dating (deep, I know). The best guys out there pay attention to our body temperatures.

Look for goosebumps.

Grow up already!!!

(source 1, 2)

Crossed arms are a sure sign she’s chilly (or pissed! watch out!).

Can't you tell I'm having a great time on this date?

Offer her your jacket.

Come on Kev, give it up!

aaaand boom goes the dynamite

(source 1, 2)

If you’re drinking wine and she starts glowing red, open a window.

*pant pant* it's gettin hot in hrrr

If you live in the Midwest, ship me some Caribou coffee let her stay inside while you go start and warm the car.

I hope that's not your car 😦 but at least you get gentleman points

And, most importantly, if you want to have sex with her, make sure your room is warm enough. We know you guys are gorillas and your body temp never ever drops.  But ours does, and moreso with every article of clothing. I’m not kidding here, she will be 100x more comfortable getting down and dirty if she can take off her bra without crossing her arms for every last bit of warmth. If she dives under the covers the second her shirt comes off, you know it’s too cold. And NO, that does not mean you can just jump on top of her to keep her warm. You have to romance her first. Those are the rules.

And no, I don’t care if you sweat your balls off in the process of keeping her comfortable. You need to show her that YOU are the guy who notices every little thing and you go out of your way for her. Trust. 🙂


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