Who am I and what is this site all about???

My friends call me D, and you can do the same. I created this site after having been on one too many bad dates. I often see guys trying hard in all the wrong ways, a lot of times due to inexperience. I felt like if they just had some insight, to know what a girl is thinking and expecting from their time together, they could be AWESOME at dating. I started noticing how all the successful guys – the ones who get the girl – use more or less the same techniques, the same body language, and they somehow know what to say. But that ‘somehow’ isn’t a mystery, and it can 100% be learned. I wanted to capture what these successful guys were doing, from their mannerisms to their exact choice of words, and tell it like a secret to anyone who never had an older brother or a drunken college night to learn from.

Thus I created engineermylove.com. This site is for the man who sees a beautiful woman across the room but doesn’t know how to approach her. For the guy who doesn’t know when to call her. For the guy who just wants to know what she’s thinking!!  For the guy who might not even know that he is self-sabotaging his chances (hint: clean your car before you pick her up). I will go there with you, give you my frank advice, and give you concrete actions to take in order start attracting the ladies.

A little about me…

I work full-time as a computer engineer for a tech company in Silicon Valley. I cater my coaching to like-minds, meaning I am very analytical and detail-oriented in my responses. I am friendly and easy to talk to, but won’t be shy about telling you the truth. Everything I offer you comes from personal experience and from observing the habits of all you geeks (said with love!) out there. I welcome any comments/questions/love at engineermylove@gmail.com

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