1. Is this a matchmaking site?

No. For lack of better term, I would call this a dating coaching site. But it’s more than that. I work individually with you to improve your dating skills and help you understand what goes on at the other site of the table. This helps you get an edge on what your dates are thinking and expecting.

2. Can we meet in person instead of online?

The majority of my clients prefer online interaction because it’s convenient, it provides anonymity, and they find it’s easier to be honest when we talk about personal situations. If a client really wanted to meet in person, I would consider this on a case-by-case basis (if you live in the bay area), but only after getting to know each other online first, for personal safety reasons.

3. What sorts of things do we talk about?

Every session is a little different depending on your needs, but usually what happens is we start out by evaluating areas that you don’t have experience in/are curious about and this snowballs into several other topics. For example, one client asked for ideas on what to say in his initial message when he talked to women online. From there we went into an online profile makeover, and when he had a date lined up, he consulted me nearly every step of the way to make sure he was on track to reeling her in. I was there to help him with what to say, when to call her, and interpret her responses.

4. What if I’m not sure what I need help with, but I just want more dates?

We’ll figure it out. Consider me a big sister you can talk to. The questionnaire gives us some starting points and through emails or IM meetings we will no doubt find things to work on. If nothing else you will begin to think about everything differently (with a female’s perspective in mind) from how you plan a date and how you treat her. Those skills will stay with you forever.

5. I’m not completely incapable of meeting women, I’m just not sure I’m meeting the right women. Is this service for me?

YES! A lot of my clients are just looking for that extra edge to give them the confidence to know what they’re doing is right. Some of my clients have had religious upbringings and feel like they completely missed out on going through the learning curve of dating when they were younger. Other clients have had serious relationships but have focused most of their lives on their career and don’t know how to go and find ‘the one’. Whatever stage of the game you are at, I can guarantee you can still learn something from me.

Have more questions about the site/service? Please email to engineermylove@gmail.com and I will answer them.


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